Crash Course: Social Media Management


15k per month, no better even 20k per month in just 30 days with your own social media marketing agency.
Outsource the entire service, hire a cheap sales team, sit back and you'll be a millionaire by next year.

Those are pretty tempting promises that you can hear on Facebook, Youtube, etc. these days.

Do you know what else they are?

They are wrong.

Of course it is theroretically possible to achieve these results and many of the "course sellers" who advertise with these promises actually speak from experience and provide a lot of great free content.

Nevertheless, the chance of achieving these results without experience, existing contacts and a good portion of luck is extremely low.

And another secret ..

The number of ecommerce stores, info product manufacturers and real estate agents whose sales are so high that they can afford to pay a Facebook ads agency $5,000 per month may not be as large as it is often claimed.

Don't get me wrong, these customers definitely exist.
But with the amount of knowledge which is freely accessible nowadays and the fact that social media is around for almost ten years by now, these customers are either already in steady hands or have already organized the topic of social media "in house" in order to save money .

One more secret?

When many self-proclaimed gurus throw around terms like whale customers or success stories like "$10,000 per month clients", the most important thing is mostly forgotten.
These are almost always Facebook Ads contracts in which the advertising budget is included in the price.
As a rule of thumb, a percentage fee of ~ 10% is charged for managing such a campaign, resulting in a profit of $1,000 per month which is then usually split 50/50 between the agency and the media buyer.
A good result for a fair service, but it doesn't sound nearly as sexy as the original statement.

So what to do

Is the dream of a lucrative career in social media marketing destined to die?

The "gold rush" is definitely over, but that does not mean that it is no longer worthwhile to get started in the social media sector.

It should only be well planned and approached conservatively.

Let's be honest, would you really feel confident enough to present a total stranger with a contract of $5,000 per month for 6 months and then to outsource the entire work cheaply to a low-wage country, without any experience yourself?

That's just unrealistic, especially for beginners.

Therefore, today we would like to introduce you to a possibility how you can start with a tried and tested strategy on a small scale and slowly but surely build up a solid income as a freelancer, which you can then use to slowly but surely grow into an agency.

Not through outsourcing and wage dumping, but with employees from your city, your community who like to work for you and with you.

Why are we doing this

When does the pitch for our "Mega Mastermind Program" or our "Hyper Incubator Seminar" come?

Not at all.

Granted, we also have an agenda of course.

To use this strategy you need software, which we happen to sell.

Not to you, though.

If you decide to follow this strategy, your customers use our software and you manage their accounts.

If you also register for the affiliate program, you will even receive a monthly commission on the accounts of your customers.