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More Profit
Motivated Employees
Increased Performance

More Profit
Motivated Employees
Increased Performance

N-Centive provides everything for your modern loyalty program at corporate level.
Simple, affordable and without technical knowledge


Warum N-Centive

Why N-Centive?

With our help, your employees will be more motivated, work towards corporate goals and happily stay with you for a long time.

We reward commitment and transform B employees into A employees.
(And help to identify C employees at an early stage)

How it works?...

  1. We increase the interaction and identification of your employees with your company on a personal level.
  2. Desired behavior is particularly rewarded with bonuses.
  3. The performance level of the entire workforce increases in the long term, while satisfaction rises and fluctuation decreases.
  4. Employees actively recommend your company as an employer to potential employees and receive special bonuses in return.

How we implement that?...

Just like we do with our customer loyalty programs


Performance Premiums

Performance-Incentives offer your employees bonuses for special commitment and exemplary behavior. They collect points on the virtual points card that they can redeem again later.
Everything controlled centrally via the app.
Once registered, your employees can monitor their progress live at any time.


Referral Program

The best marketing is a referral. Incentives for invitees and referrers motivate your employees to recruit acquaintances.
You will receive applications from interested workers almost free of charge who are not yet available to other companies as job seekers.


Individual Ratings

Everyone is different and has a different range of capabilities. With us, employees are not rated according to heartless algorithms.
Employees rate employees.
In weekly or monthly evaluation phases, HR, managers or supervisors can evaluate the performance of those entrusted to them via the system.



You are completely free in creating goals and rewards.
Simply state in the app for which evaluation or actions you want to award how many points and for which rewards they can be exchanged.


App without Download

Each of your employees receives a personal overview of their credit, a list of your incentives and all of this without downloading anything.
This makes it as easy as possible for your employees to participate in your program.


Live Notifications

We automatically send your employees all information, updates and reminders that are worth knowing in connection with your program.
100% legal and GDPR compliant.


Legal Certainty

Conditions for participation? TOS? Data Protection?
Do not worry, all legal hurdles for you have already been overcome and documents and legal texts are created automatically and legally compliant.


Simplicity & Speed

We didn't just think about you and your employees. Implementing your program is child's play for managers too.
With our intuitive user interface and click-based operation, evaluating and rewarding is faster than any form of card reader or stamping system.

Still sounds too complicated?...

Create your Free Account now and create our Standard Campaign for Employee Programs with just one click.

The standard campaign is particularly suitable for beginners and can be used immediately by almost any company.
You can of course make adjustments later at any time, even if your program is already running and being used intensively.


Why Email

Why Email & Web App?

Everyone has a smartphone..
..and all smartphones (whether IOS or Android) are always registered via an email address.
So you can reach your employees directly on their smartphone.
(And, if you want, you can even register them in your newsletter on site by registering)

Who is N-Centive for?

N-Centive equips small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the technology, know-how and highly-qualified consultants for state-of-the-art digitization and marketing automation - and all for the price of a large cappuccino per day.


Basically, our system can be used for any company size, regardless of whether it has 5 employees or 5,000. But especially in branched and offline-based companies such as maufacturing and skilled trades, in which the employees do not spend most of the time on site at the computer, N-Centive offers incredible added value. Each team leader, manager, foreman, etc. can manage their entrusted employees themselves with their own device account, while everything can be controlled and monitored centrally from the main account.
Here is a list of some typical industries in which a company-wide rewards program was previously difficult to implement.

  • Health Care
    • Nurses
    • Doctors
    • Specialists
    • Administration
  • Maufacturing and Skilled Trades
    • Carpenters, Roofers ..
    • Mechanical Engeneering
    • Factory Production
  • Shipping
    • Drivers
    • Warehouse
    • Administration

  • Restaurants & Hotels
    • Kitchen
    • Service
    • Administration
    • Maintenance
  • Retail (Fashion, Cosmetics, Juwelery)
    • Warehouse
    • cashier
    • Administration
    • Management

Are you already a professional when it comes to digitization?

Our software is also perfect for all service providers who would like to offer systems for customer value optimization and employee incentives in addition to their existing services. These can include:

  • Webdesigner & Webdeveloper
  • Marketing Agencies & Consultants
  • Providers for Marketing & Sales Software
  • IT Service Providers
  • Franchises
  • ...


How do I measure Success of my Program?

Visual Results

N-Centive creates precise statistics to keep an eye on transactions and the success of your program at all times.

Transactions, Reviews, and Rewards This Month, Last Month, This Week? -No problem
N-Centive will show you everything you need to know after just a few clicks, and after one more click you'll be able to easily download the results of your search.

Seeing success with N-Centive

Understanding Employees

N-Centive also creates overviews and reports on activities so that you are always up to date.

- Find Top Employees and reward them in particular
- Who has the most points
- Which Employees are loosing Motivation
See all of the important data live and export them with a single click.

Tip: If you already have a list of employees (.csv), you can of course easily import it.

Understanding Employees with N-Centive

Automated processes

Easily integrate N-Centive into your standard apps and automate processes.

- Create entries to your email newsletter
- Create custom alerts for your favorite messaging services
- Create automatic data entries in Excel or Google Sheets

Get creative and save time with automation.

Automated Processes with N-Centive

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