Next Level Customer Systems

Loyalty incentives offer your customers rewards for making regular purchases. On the virtual customer card, they collect loyalty points that they can redeem with you later.
Everything centrally controlled via the app.
Once set up your program will run and you will just watch your sales growth.

N-Centive is a powerful platform that allows you to set up your own customer loyalty program and increase your sales in the long term and sustainably by targeted incentivization of customer behavior.

Through the completely online flow in the cloud, you not only make your customers' participation as easy and enjoyable as possible, you also prevent typical problems with physical loyalty cards, stamp books or complicated readers with incomprehensible instructions.

A N-Centive campaign is live in minutes and accessible to your customers 24 hours a day.
And that's how easy it is:

  1. Describe for what actions (purchases, visits, order volume, value of goods) you want to allocate how many loyalty points
  2. Describe what bonuses you offer and how many loyalty points they should cost.
  3. Give your program a name and there you go.

No more forgotten cards or stamp books. Your customers simply log in at your place with their username, first and last name, or their customer number (just as you like), and you or your staff can assign loyalty points, exchange points for rewards, or redeem previously earned rewards.

All this with just a few clicks and no previous technical knowledge.

And you can follow along the achieved progress live in your account.


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The best marketing is a recommendation. Incentives for both, invitees and referrers, motivate your customers to promote you.
Everything completely automated via the app.
Sit back and enjoy the new customer flow.

To recommend good products and services is something most customers like to do.
They tend to enjoy it even more if they can get a great deal out for their friends as well.

With that in mind, payment provider Pay-Pal and cloud storage provider Dropbox have launched two of the most well-known and successful referral programs ever, by not just rewarding clients for successful referrals, but also giving the new entrant a special bonus in the form of money (PayPal) or additional data volume (Dropbox).

Using this technique, Dropbox achieved a growth from 400,000 to 4,000,000 users in just 15 months.
It's hard to argue about the effectiveness, which is why many other successful companies rely on this type of marketing campaign (AirBnB, Uber, Tesla, AmazonPrime, Google, etc.).

From now on you too can use this strategy to your advantage. N-Centive lets you create your own referral campaign in minutes.
And that's how easy it is:

  1. Describe the reward for the referrer
  2. Describe the reward for the new customer
  3. Activate campaign

And your program is online.
Each customer in your list of participants will receive their own recommendation link where they can recommend your offer to friends (also directly via one-click app on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, or even by email).
Rewards are booked fully automatically via the app and can then be redeemed at your place.

No further work required.
Enjoy watching a steady stream of new customers invigorate your business. (and all that without advertising costs)


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You have not seen a customer in a long time?
The app recognizes this and automatically sends an incentive to lost participants so that you will soon see them again when they redeem it.

A well-known statement in marketing, almost everyone has heard at some point is: 20% of customers bring in 80% of sales (Pareto principle)

Losing one of these customers is therefore particularly painful for a company. That is why N-Centive not only helps you to precisely recognize these customers, but also to keep them as long as possible.

Through the targeted use of a retention campaign (recovery program), the migration of regular customers (and all other customers) can be effectively counteracted.
As soon as the app detects that a customer has not been seen for some time, it sends a previously defined incentive, which can only be redeemed on site.
And that's how easy it is:

  1. Determine the time (usually 60 days) after which a customer should receive a recovery email with incentive
  2. Choose the incentive you want to send over
  3. Activate the campaign and Done

By the way:
Recovery mails will only be sent to registered customers for whom a purchase has already been registered on-site. So you do not have to be afraid to send unwanted messages if you've imported customers from a file.


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You are completely free about creating products and rewards.
Simply decide how many loyalty points you want to allocate for each product, service, purchase-value, (review?) and which rewards they can later be exchanged for.
Even more complex pre-paid systems can be organized easily and understandably in this way.

Of course, what type of products and rewards you create for your customers depends heavily on your industry, average spend, and purchase frequency, so here are a few examples.

The easiest solution practiced since the early 1970s and suitable for nearly every industry is to start like this:

Product Points
Ordervalue 1,-€ +1
Reward Points
1,-€ Discount -15
(Of course you are free to restrict the redemption of points to certain items only like shown in the following examples)

If you sell many similar products bundled together (hotels & restaurants) you can easily standardize your incentives.

Product Points
1 Menu < 25€ +1
Yelp Review +1
1 Menu > 25€ +2
Dinner > 75€ +5
Reward Points
1 bottle of wine -15
50€-Voucher -25
100€-Voucher -50


Product Points
1 overnight stay +5
1 meal in the restaurant +2
Tripadvisor Review +2
Reward Point
50€-Voucher -50
100€-Voucher -100

If you regularly provide services but would like to stimulate product sales locally (salons, spas, gyms, etc.) you should name your products

Product Points
Protein Shake +1
Hair Conditioner +1
Sauna +2
Massage +2
Womens Haircut +2
GoogleMaps Review +1
Reward Points
Free Protein Shake -10
Free Hair Conditioner -15
Free Sauna -20
Free Massage -20
Free Womens Haircut -20

If you sell many different products (classic retail), you should work with purchasing volumes rather than individual products.
This means that the higher the purchase value of a customer at the checkout, the more loyalty points he receives. eg:

Product Points
Purchase > 50€ +50
Purchase > 100€ +100
Purchase > 200€ +200
Reward Points
Reward 1 -1000
Reward 2 -2000
Reward 3 -3000

If you plan to organize a PrePaid system (eg tanning salons, spas, saunas etc) you can easily do the following:

Product Points
10 Units +10
20 Units +20
Reward Points
Redeem 1 Unit -1

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App without Download
Each of your customers receives a personal overview of their credit, a list of their incentives, their personal referral program and all this without any downloads.
This makes it as easy as possible for your customers to participate in your program.
(And the easier for the customers, the more participants for you)

The structure as a web app allows your customers to reach their overview at any time, whether by smartphone, tablet or desktop PC and all without any download or restrictions by operating system.

Of course, the security of the data remains completely protected and all displayed values ​​are displayed anonymously.

Especially convenient: each customer can save their app access with just 3 clicks as a short-cut (app icon) on their home screen. This also integrates the last advantage of a download app into your webapp.


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Live Notifications
We fully automatically send your customers all the information, updates and reminders related to your program.
100% legal and GDPR compliant.

You do not need additional email marketing software, complicated SMTP setups or mail APIs. Everything is handled internally via the app.

Registration confirmation, information on received rewards / incentives, recommendations, recovery mails, all automated without your intervention.


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Simplicity & Speed
We did not just think about you and your customers. Even for employees, the implementation of your loyalty program is a breeze.
With our intuitive user interface and click-based operations, N-Centive is faster than any form of card reader or stamping system.

With a great focus on intuitive usability and simplicity, setting up a new program, with the help of our detailed video tutorial, takes no longer than 30 minutes, even for inexperienced users.

The training for employees (also accompanied by clear video materials), because of our purely click-based operations, usually takes no longer than 15-20 minutes.


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