Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does N-Centive differ from traditional customer loyalty programs?

In addition to the well-known advantages of a customer loyalty program, N-Centive offers the unique opportunity to support them with the most effective online marketing.

Not only can customers be targeted unerringly through social media, advertising campaigns, and email marketing, but with our built-in recommendation capabilities, each customer's social media channels can be used as a marketing channel themselves.
The achievable reach of such promotions accordingly grows exponentially with each registered customer profile.

How fast can I start?

With a great focus on intuitive usability and simplicity, setting up a new program takes no longer than 30 minutes, even for inexperienced users.

The training for employees , because of purely click-based operations, usually takes no longer than 10-15 minutes.

And your good to go. Once set up, N-Centive runs smoothly and without your intervention, like a well oiled gearbox.

(To be sure our program really fits your needs, the first 14 days of use are absolutely free)

Do you offer Trials or Demos?

We offer each customer an absolutely no-obligations, free trial period of 14 days.
If you really should not be convinced by our product during this time, your account will automatically deactivate and all data will be deleted afterwards.

How much does it cost?

N-Centive offers a basic package with full functionality at a price of 27,-€ per month.
This basic account includes 200 participant seats, 1 POS device and the internal account terminal.
Your base account can be expanded with bonus packages of 25,-€ each, including 200 additional participant seats and 1 further device, to meet your personal needs.

More detailed information can be found here in our Pricing Table.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer SEPA direct debit (EAA only), Pay-Pal and payment by credit card.

Can I extend my account?

No problem!
N-Centive is 100% scalable and adapts to your needs.
If you need more user seats or devices, you can always upgrade with just a few clicks.
(Downgrades work just as easily, of course)


How can I terminate my contract?

Contracts can be terminated at any time with immediate effect.
No further payments will be made and the account can be used as normal until the end of the already paid month / period.

All important data such as participant lists and transaction tables can of course be exported and downloaded as usual during this time.