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Post Lockdown Social Media Masterplan

How to recover your lockdown losses as quickly as possible without breaking the bank


Sure, Lockdown and "Big C" were a heavy hit on everyone
But more than ever, it's time to roll up sleeves and take action.

In the following crash course, we want to introduce you to a clever strategy that will quickly get your business back on its feet.

It doesn't matter whether you run a small retail business, a large bakery chain, a local fitness business, a salon, a restaurant, a hotel or a practice.
You can use the following instructions without changing a word to quickly generate a REGULAR stream of customers again.

What are we up to?

We're introducing an easy-to-understand, online loyalty and referral program.

And no, this is not about that moldy stamp card that collects dust in your customers' wallets, but about a self-contained marketing and sales system for which customers can easily register online or at your location.

Above all, we will focus in this guide on the use of a viral referral function.
This will be supported by a Facebook contest aiming to bring in around 500-1000 registrations per day.

In the following chapters we will deal with: How to set up your program, how to set up your Facebook page and how to design your Facebook Contest.
In the last chapter you will get some tips on how to continue your program profitably long after your contest has ended.

Setting up your program

What should our program look like?

As simple as possible!

Because: If loyalty programs fail, it is almost always due to a lack of participation.

And a lack of participation results either from the fact that the rewards offered are not attractive or that the program itself is simply too complicated.

For our purposes we will use the simplest option that every customer already knows.
The simple conversion of purchase value in dollar into points on the card.

A $100 purchase therefore earns you 100 points on the digital customer card.

It is important that you choose a factor for redeeming the points that is not too high and therefore not worthwhile for the customers, but also not too low, because in this case your program could even harm you. A good guideline is between 15-20.

Calculated with a factor of 15, this would mean that a customer receives a $5 discount on their purchase if they redeem 75 points from their card.

So you give every customer a discount of $1 for every $15 that they spend on you. But you can protect yourself by only having to grant discounts after a spending value of $75 or more per customer.

Converted as a percentage, this customer receives a 6.67% discount on every purchase, which can only be claimed on the next or the second next visit and only if the customer reached the minimum purchase quantity.

Important: Discounts from the bonus program should of course not be combinable with other discount campaigns. This point is of course integrated into the built-in terms and conditions of the software we recommend as a standard clause.

OK, the basic idea should be clear by now, but for our current project we place particular emphasis on the referral function.

After registering, every participant in your program has direct access to their virtual customer card (a website) on which the current card balance and the cost of all rewards can be viewed.

The virtual customer card also contains links with which your program can be shared directly on Facebook, Twitter, by email or via Whatsapp with just one click.

To ensure that customers do this, our program also includes bonuses for referring friends in addition to the normal transaction-based bonuses.

The offer is for example as follows:
Refer a friend as a participant in our loyalty program and we will book you 15 points on your loyalty account.
As a welcome gift in our loyalty program, we will also book your friend 15 points as starting credit on the loyalty account.

Wait a minute ..
That sounds damn expensive!

Not necessarily.
Every newly recruited participant will immediately receive a welcome gift of 15 points (i.e. $1 discount). However, the person making the recommendation only receives this if the referred participant has redeemed their award on site.

So you acquire new customers for $2.
And you don't have to spend these $2 until the new customer has made a purchse AND reached the minimum sales required for a discount.

It should be clear that the above calculation is not necessarily going to be advertised in your promotional materials.
15 free loyalty points sound a lot better to your customers, right?


OK, so you must have understood our plan by now, but the implementation in particular sounds a bit complicated ...

Fortunately, we thought of it and already prepared something.

Below you will find an easy way you can copy and set up the program described above for yourself with just a single click.

All you have to do is enter your email address in the corresponding field and a free account for the loyalty and referral software N-Centive will be created.
This free account then contains all of the products, rewards and settings described above.

So you could start right away!
(A quick look at the detailed documentation and the user manual does not hurt, of course)

Since this first, admittedly large, hurdle has now been overcome, we will next turn to the question of how promote your program.

How to promote your program

If you don't already have one, the first thing to do is create a Facebook page for your company.
You can do this very easily via your private profile under the menu item "Create page".

Facebook gives you step by step instructions on what to do. Don't worry, if you make a mistake you can change everything afterwards.

Ok you now have a Facebook page. Let's set up your contest now.

With a contest, we call Facebook users to take a desired action. As a reward, users can win a prize.

Because in order to stand out from the crowd, we have to offer something interesting.

Our referral reward of 15 points per new registration, is quite attractive, but since we need many participants as quickly as possible, we give another incentive.

The participant who recruited the most new participants within 30 days will receive a prize.

What kind of price you offer depends heavily on your industry. Only you know best what your customers value.

The easiest option, and above all one that appeals to everyone, is simply to allocate a fixed amount of $100 cash for the winner.

We clearly choose the term fixed amount and not a shopping credit, since experience has shown that cash is the way better incentive.

So to start your contest on Facebook you post the following message:

------ Great Price ahead!

Our new bonus program starts on XX.XX.2021
For every purchase you can now collect points on your virtual customer card and then convert them into great discounts.

The highlight: For every friend who registers on your recommendation, you and your friend will each receive 15 points on your cards as a gift.

And it gets even better.

Whoever invites the most new users within the next 30 days will receive a special price of $100 in cash!

Join our rewards program right here - link to the program -


Incidentally, your program automatically records the participants, their points, their rewards and their referrals, so that you can determine your winner with just 2 clicks.

What do you think?

Couldn't this be the best marketing campaign you've ever started?

But one is for sure.

There is no better or cheaper way to use the viral marketing power of social media.

And right now, most companies can use all the support they can get.

Another tip: If you advertise your post with $20 on the first day as a boosted post, you will reach a lot of users quickly. This is particularly useful if your site has few followers.

What's next?

What happens after your customers are part of the loyalty program?

Of course, they are busy collecting points and rewards with every purchase, but with the following strategy you can ensure that your loyalty campaign remains successful in the long term and provides you with a reliable content recipe for your Facebook page, blog / website, etc.

Actually, the N-Centive software was developed to promote social projects through the use of loyalty programs and to win over more companies for so-called social entrepreneurship.

The term social entrepreneurship is understood to be an entrepreneurial activity that advocates positive change in society, the common good and the solution of social problems, or also for the environment and animal welfare.

Of course it is very clear that you cannot simply change the basic structure of every company in order to pursue these goals and that is not necessary at all.

The easiest way to implement it is to support a charitable cause through fundraising campaigns.

But we don't just want to set up a small box for change donations next to the till.

As part of our digital loyalty card, we offer our participants to convert their collected points into a $5 donation for eg "Doctors without Borders" instead of cashing in their discount of $5.

If this option is selected, the customer as usually pays the full price for his order, but the redemption of the points for the donation bonus is recorded in the app as normal, like a discount premium had been redeemed.

In the administration menu of your loyalty campaign, at the end of each week, or even each month, you can see exactly how many participants have donated their discount that week.

So now you can easily donate this amount to the organization.

Of course, you share the receipt of your donation on Facebook so that your customers can see that their donations are really being received.

True to the motto "Do good and talk about it", you now have a great hook for your entire PR and public image.
Your customers, and potential customers, will receive a really positive reminder about your company every week, without getting pitched or sold to.

And the best?

With the new focus of social entrepreneurship and the discounts through loyalty points, you are finally no longer dependent on the less and less effective "special offer marketing" in which you only grant high discounts on a few selected items.

Sure, it takes some time getting used to, for you and your customers too.

In the long term, however, you can establish better prices and, above all, more attractive margins for yourself.

Here is an example plan how you can implement this strategy:

Period: 3 months
Campaign: Donations for "Doctors without Borders"
Bank Trasfer: 3 (on the 1st of each month)

weekly posts:
Monday: Call for participation in the donation campaign
Tuesday: -
Wednesday: $x collected so far
Thursday: -
Friday: $x collected so far
Sunday: -

monthly post:
Monday (1st of the month): Thanks to all participants. $x donated today (+ screenshot of the receipt)

Every 2-3 months you change your fundraiser campaign to keep your posts and marketing relevant.

If you would like to try this form of marketing once, you can copy the program described above as is further down on this page.

Just create a new account and everything will be set up automatically so you can get started right away.

Of course, that doesn't cost you anything.
You can test your program without any time limit, get to know the operation of the app and then decide for yourself whether you want to upgrade it to a paid live version or not.

A detailed user manual and a quick start checklist for an easy start can be found in the help menu of your account after logging in.

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