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The N-Centive Affiliate-Guide

Build your Passive Income Portfolio 2021. Make Money as an N-Centive Affiliate-Partner


Are you interested in affiliate marketing or are you already an affiliate interested in the N-Centive affiliate program?

Then you are exactly right here.

In this guide, we will try to really pack all there is to know into a single article to give you everything you need to get started right away.

What is an N-Centive Affiliate?

An N-Centive Affiliate is someone who gets paid to refer new customers and users to the N-Centive software. Payment is purely on a commission basis and all affiliates are independent businesses.

Commissions are not just paid once, but as recurring monthly payments for life.

How do you become an N-Centive Affiliate?

Method #1: Register here for a free account (including our affiliate boot camp) with N-Centive and activate your affiliate link via the menu item "Professional functions-> Affiliates". (recommended)

Method #2: Register for the affiliate program right here and then create your free account later.

Why promote N-Centive?

Reason #1: One of the main reasons for many affiliates is definitely the payment of 25% lifetime commissions on all products (* as of 10.2020).

Reason #2: Extremely high CLV (customer lifetime value). Not every customer is the same. While smaller companies in particular only buy a single standard campaign for ~ € 1000 per year, the customer value for enterprise customers can go into the 5-digit range per year. Agency customers who manage many campaigns for several customers get even higher values. It is therefore possible to build up a considerable passive income very quickly, even with only a few referrals.

Reason #3: Second-Level Commissions. You don't only receive commissions on users you refer directly. If you recruit other affiliates through the Affiliate-Advertise-Affiliate Program, you will receive 25% commission on the commissions of your sub-affiliates (* as of 10.2020) . So you can massively increase your income even more.

Reason #4: Lifetime-Cookies. When a user signs up for a free account, the affiliate's ID is stored in their account. This means that all purchases made by this customer are always assigned to the correct affiliate who was actually responsible for registering the customer.

Reason #5: Training Material. N-Centive is pretty intuitive and easy to use. Nevertheless, every free account includes the N-Centive Marketing Boot Camp for free, which makes getting started as easy as possible.

Reason #6: Professional Marketing Material. In addition to banners and texts, an account also contains many other helpful software tools that make advertising extremely easy to give beginners a flying start.

How to make the most of your N-Centive partnership

Concentrate on your strengths right at the beginning.
For many, especially new affiliates, getting started with paid advertising campaigns (PPC) right away may not be best.

There are many ways to start in affiliate marketing, but content marketing in blog form or YouTube paired with organic Facebook marketing is a popular, since cheap, start.

Since it rarely makes sense in affiliate marketing to go for the sale immediately, the standard way is to inspire users so sign up for a free account. The users need to only enter their email address, and all further sales will be assigned to the right affiliate.

Another tip is to focus on the right target group. That doesn't mean you should create content only for e.g. agencies and consultants, but rather that each video or blog article targets a very specific group of possible users.

No matter how good a video with the title "How you can increase your sales with incentives" is, it will generate far fewer views than the same content under a title like "How clever restaurateurs get ahead of the competition".

Ways to become a Super Affiliate with N-Centive

There are many ways in which you can generate sales as an affiliate. Here are some of the most common ways to get started, but of course we don't want to set any limits to your creativity.

Detailed Reviews
The all-time-classic in affiliate marketing is writing detailed reviews and tests.
It's one of the best ways to get organic traffic for free through Google. If you use the right keywords and are familiar with setting meta-data, you can stillreach number 1 in search results even in 2021.

Youtube Reviews are a great source of traffic for highly pre-qualified visitors and therefore generate a high conversion rate.
The process is the same as for blog reviews and testimonials. If you combine both variants, i.e. embed videos in your blog, then you can improve your SEO rankings even further.

Campaign Giveaway
N-Centive has an internal function called "Campaign Sharing" which is extremely useful for affiliates.
It allows you to easily share campaigns via a special link that allows others to clone the campaign as a demo with a single click.
Of course, they must first have an N-Centive account to use this campaign.
If interested parties want to test your campaign they create an account in which you are saved as the affiliate. If they then upgrade their demo to a full-fledged campaign, you will receive the commission.

Creating Campaigns as a Service
This strategy is similar to the giveaway strategy, except that instead of giving them away, you sell the campaigns or set them up for money.
The account on which you set up the campaign should of course be created via your affiliate link. If the customer upgrades the campaign, you will receive your monthly commission in addition to your fee.

Offer free Training Courses
The N-Centive software is aimed at entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs often don't feel like working through a user manual themselves, no matter how intuitive the software is.
Many may also think that it is too complicated to implement a customer loyalty or employee bonus system in their industry.
If you take the entrepreneurs by the hand and take the fear of the unknown away in short training sessions, they will be happy to register via your affiliate link.
Free training can take the form of webinars, e-books, one-on-one counseling, zoom meetings, skype meetings, group coaching, etc.

Offering paid Training Courses
The same principle as for free training courses, only that you charge for it

Info Products
Another strategy is to create a course or an eBook, for example.
In your course, potential users will learn how to make their company more lucrative through customer loyalty programs and more productive through employee loyalty programs. And of course you link to the software via your affiliate link.
For this variant, you should actually know what you are talking about and really have consumed all of the internal materials of the N-Centive account.
Again, you should define your target group as precisely as possible. Competition for specialized products as "employee bonus programs for landscaping companies" or "customer loyalty programs for pharmacies" will be much lower than for a broadly targeted product.

PPC-Ads on Google, Facebook, etc can be very profitable IF you keep an eye on your stats and use bridge pages to collect leads.
This strategy can also quickly become lucrative in connection with a strategy for fee-based info products or personalized marketing audits.
Sending traffic directly to a vendors homepage is considered bad parctice by most affiliates and vendors.

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