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N-Centive: Longer and more profitable customer relationships

More Regulars
More Referrals
Better Margins

More Regulars
More Referrals
Better Margins

N-Centive helps small and medium-sized companies to increase
their Customerbase, Sales and Margin without Advertising Costs

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A Win-Win for Everybody

A Win-Win for Everybody

For Customers,
and Managers

Vorteile von Treueprogrammen und Prämienprogrammen für Kunden, Angestellte und Manager

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Why N-Centive

Why N-Centive?

With our help, your customers visit more often, buy more and also bring more friends.

We reward customer loyalty and transform your new customers into regulars.
(By the way: Even if only one in 100 customers spends € 2.50 more per month, your program has already been paid for! -- see Pricingtable --)
Calculation at full capacity

How it works?...

  1. We increase your customers interaction and identification with your brand on a personal level.
  2. The average revenue per user (CLV or Customer Lifetime Value) thus increases continuously.
  3. The increase in CLV (without new acquisitioncosts) has an exponential effect on your sales and, above all, profits.

Studies show that an increase in customer loyalty (returning existing customers) of only 5% can increase profits well beyond 25% (*Forbes Magazine, Studie Bain&Company) and that revenue per customer enrolled in a loyalty program can be around 12-18% higher than regular customers.

Number of Customers Customer Value (CLV) Turnover
1.000 100€ 100.000€
1.000 105€ 105.000€
1.000 110€ 110.000€
1.000 125€ 125.000€

How we implement that? ...



Loyalty incentives offer your customers rewards for making regular purchases. On the virtual customer card, they collect loyalty points that they can redeem with you later.
Everything centrally controlled via the app.
Once set up your program will run and you will just watch your sales growth.



The best marketing is a recommendation. Incentives for both, invitees and referrers, motivate your customers to promote you.
Everything completely automated via the app.
Sit back and enjoy the new customer flow.



You have not seen a customer in a long time?
The app recognizes this and automatically sends an incentive to lost participants so that you will soon see them again when they redeem it.



You are completely free about creating products and rewards.
Simply decide how many loyalty points you want to allocate for each product, service, purchase-value, (review?) and which rewards they can later be exchanged for.
Even more complex pre-paid systems can be organized easily and understandably in this way.


App without Download

Each of your customers receives a personal overview of their credit, a list of their incentives, their personal referral program and all this without any downloads.
This makes it as easy as possible for your customers to participate in your program.
(And the easier for the customers, the more participants for you)


Live Notifications

We fully automatically send your customers all the information, updates and reminders related to your program.
100% legal and GDPR compliant.


Legal Certainty

Conditions for participation? TOS? Data Protection?
Do not worry, all legal hurdles for you have already been overcome and documents and legal texts are created automatically and legally compliant.


Simplicity & Speed

We did not just think about you and your customers. Even for employees, the implementation of your loyalty program is a breeze.
With our intuitive user interface and click-based operations, N-Centive is faster than any form of card reader or stamping system.

Sounds too complicated?...

Create your Free Account now and add our Standard Campaign for Customer-Loyalty and Referrals with a single click.

The standard campaign is particularly suitable for beginners and can be used immediately by almost any company.
You can of course make adjustments later at any time, even if your program is already running and being used intensively.


But you are short on time?...

We know time is an important factor when running a business and it can be intimidating to deal with marketing and software tools as a novice.
That's why we not only offer you great software, we also provide you with a large database of outstanding marketing professionals to take care of all your needs.

Find a Consultant

Why Email

Why Email & Web App?

Every customer has a smartphone..
..and all smartphones (whether IOS or Android) are always registered via an email address.
Even though most people do not want to give their mobile phone number, you can still reach your customers directly on their phone.
(And if you want you can even sign them up to your newsletter, directly on site, during their registration)

Who is N-Centive suitable for?

N-Centive equips small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the technology, know-how and highly-qualified consultants for state-of-the-art digitization and marketing automation - and all for the price of a large cappuccino.


Basically, our system is suitable for anyone who sells goods and services to end consumers in the sense of classic stationary retail. N-Centive offers an unbelievable amount of value, especially in areas where it can be difficult to cost-effectively reach new and existing customers using conventional marketing methods (whether online or offline). Here is a list of some typical industries we work with and examples of incentives.

  • Salons (Hair, Beauty & Health)
    • Applications (Visits)
    • Product distribution (shampoo, conditioner, house brand ..)
    • Friends recruit friends
  • Gyms
    • Friends recruit friends
    • Product distribution (shakes, bars ..)
    • Personal training & extra courses
  • Tanning Salons
    • Pre-paid offers
    • Visits
    • Product distribution (oil, care, glasses ...)
    • Friends recruit friends
  • Swimming Pools / Waterparks
  • Tatoo Studios
  • Therapies (massage, chiropractic, alternative medicine ..)
  • Your company

  • Restaurants & Hotels
    • Vouchers (PrePaid)
    • Stamp System
    • 2-for-1 Deals
    • Friends recruit friends
    • "Business-Class"
  • Bars
    • Vouchers (PrePaid)
    • Stamp System
    • Rankings
    • Friends recruit friends
  • Retail (fashion, cosmetics, jewelers)
    • Vouchers (PrePaid)
    • Stamp System
    • Friends recruit friends
    • Premium-Only-Deals

You're already a Marketing Pro?

Our software is also perfect for all service providers who would like to offer systems for customer value optimization in addition to their existing services. These can include:

  • Web designers & web developers
  • Marketing Agencies & Consultants
  • Providers for marketing & sales software
  • IT service providers
  • Franchises


How do I measure Success of my Loyalty Program?

Visual Results

N-Centive generates accurate statistics to keep track of your program's revenue and success at all times.

Sales figures this month, last month, this week? -No problem
N-Centive will show you everything you need to know after just a few clicks, and after one more click you'll be able to easily download the results of your search.

Measuring results with N-Centive
Understanding Customers with N-Centive

Understanding Customers

N-Centive also creates overviews and reports on customer activities so that you are always up to date.

- Find top Customers and reward them
- Who has the most loyalty points
- Which customers bring in the most sales
Get all important data live and export it easily with just one click.

Tip: If you already have a list of customers, then of course you can easily import them.

Online Marketing

With just a few clicks N-Centive integrates into your online marketing & social media campaigns

- Use the most popular tracking modules like Facebook pixels and Google tags
- Create custom audiences and remarketing campaigns for your existing customers
- Leverage your customers as promoters through referral campaigns across their Facebook, Twitter, Email and even Whatsapp accounts
- Use PayPerClick & PayPerLead campaigns to attract more customers to your program
- Integrate your program into your homepage.
Your options are almost unlimited.

Online Marketing with N-Centive

Automated processes

Easily integrate N-Centive into your standard apps and automate processes.

- Create entries to your email newsletter
- Create custom alerts for your favorite messaging services
- Create automatic data entries in Excel or Google Sheets

Get creative and save time with automation.

Automated processes with N-Centive

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N-Centive needs your email address to activate the service. By clicking CREATE FREE ACCOUNT you accept the terms of use, privacy policy and anti-spam policy.